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I was born in Detroit, MI in 1966 and have lived within an hour of my birth my entire life, including a 4 1/2 year stint in Ann Arbor while attending the University of Michigan, where I received a BS in Statistics.

I have worked as a quality control manager, mainly in the automotive supply industry, since 1989.

I have three children who all enjoy reading quite a bit.

Between 2000 and mid-2005 I have written over 300 book reviews, and interviewed over 100 authors, while developing a community of emerging writers, more established writers deserving of wider recognition, and readers of such writers. During that same time period, this community has jumped from 21 people, to 700. Three of the reviews and an interview have been run by The Capital Times in Madison, WI.

This blog was started June 26, 2005, after a two week stint guest hosting Scott Esposito's Conversational Reading. Earlier in the year, I also did a three day guest stint at Mark Sarvas' The Elegant Variation. Between the two visits to blogging, I had enough fun to decide to try one of my own.

I hope that this blog can add something to the already lively LitBlogging community, while furthering the Emerging Writers Network's goal of developing the aforementioned community of readers and writers.