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June 21, 2007



This is just wonderful - really really wonderful. I look forward very much to seeing the titles you guys publish.


This sounds encouraging especially to writers like us in in Nigeria who have discovered that publishing our finished works is like the biblical camel passing through the eye of a needle. Keep it up.

Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

It is great that your company is also interested in African writers.

Anyway, this is just the beginning! Thank you.

Kenechukwu C. Obi.

This is a wonderful opportunity for African writing and writers. I don't think this kind of opportunity has existed since the African writers series initiative by Heinemann that saw African literature explode into world attention. This is surely a big window through which American readers can see unique products of the creative efforts of African writers like myself and others. Keep this up Dzanc!! I am sure that this initiative will give the world a lot of titles that nobody will ever be in a hurry to forget.


It's good news.One thing though,I hope the publishing process won't take centuries like other publishing houses go about it.


I am glad to hear this good news. When I submitted my recent work to the UK Writers Workshop for assessment, I got commendations such as that the work was a success in many ways, had believable world, original and convincing characters, great depth, passionate and important ideas, only to be greeted by the conclusion:

“There has been a lot said in the press recently about how publishers in the UK and USA are not looking sufficiently hard for young black writers (either black British, or African American, or African) who can attract the large number of readers who want books that reflect their own lives and ideals and fears. I’m not at all sure that publishers here have yet responded to that challenge, but one day I hope that some talented writers like you can make it impossible for them to resist your work.”

With this announcement from Dzanc Books, obviously, that time has come.

But I think African writers have some things to think about too. Few of my non-fictions were published in Nigeria before I arrived in Europe with my first literary fiction manuscript. On arriving, I joined critic groups, went for writing conferences and soon discovered that my manuscript did not meet the standards of the time in its current state. Some people think that the African Writers Series went under, among other reasons, because African writing did not evolve fast with the world.

I live in France and have just completed a new fast-paced novel in which I took into consideration the basic rudiments of modern literature. I am now redrafting the synopsis so I send out my first query. I came here following a proven talent award and I think I will be glad to work with Dzanc Books from this part of the world!

Abdalla Keri Wani, Khartoum Sudan.

I have written a biography of a Second World War Veteran from my village in Southern Sudan. He is Khalicino Yanga Abiku who saw action in Ethiopia (Abyssinia)while a member of the King's African Rifle (KAR) of East Africa. After the end of the campaign, his company was rushed to Egypt to help in Allied efforts against the Axis in the Libyan desert. The war ended when he was with his company in the Middle East being stationed variably in Port Said, Cairo, Beirut, Tobruk and Damascus. He came home at the beginning of 1946. After his return, his life was very much affected by his participation in the war in one of its battles in Diredawa, Ethiopia he was wounded.The book is in manuscript form and the following is a brief outline about it:
Title: Return from SWW (1939-45)A Story of an African Veteran. Contents:
i) Acknowledgements
ii) Introduction
1-Ludiri-Muruli Khalicino's Birthplace
1.2 Khalicino's Schooldays
1.3 Loa Catholic Mission School
1.4 Opari Church Missionary Society CMS (Protestant School)
1.5 Effects of his Father's Death on him
1.6 The Catholic and Protestant Churches
2.His Emigration to Uganda
2.1 An Adventure in 1936
2.2 The Secret Journey
2.3 Unexpected Guests of Yakobo Yanga
2.4 Gulu Town in Uganda
2.5 A Labourer in Minakulu Cotton Ginnery
2.6 The Only Brother Dies in Bombo, Uganda
3. Break of SWW (1939-45)
3.1 His Recruitment into King's African Rifle KAR (1940)
3.2 Wounded in Diredawa, Ethiopia (Abyssinia)
3.3 The Endless Journey to North Africa Begins 1943)
3.4 Beirut, Lebanon 1944
3.5 His Army Rank and Pay during SWW
3.6 Racial Discrimination in the Army Bases in Beirut, Lebanon 1944-45
3.7 Beirut, the Venice of Mid-East
3.8 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
3.9 Lost in Damascus, Syria
3.10 End of SWW 1945, Demobilization, Decoration for Bravery and Distinguished Service
3.11 The Return Home 1946
4. Impacts of SWW on Khalicino and his community
4.1 How the SWW Transformed his Tribal Land and People
4.2 Effects of SWW on the African Women
4.3 Utilizing the Experience from SWW
4.4 Enrollment into Sudan Police Force 1947
4.5 His Defection to the Anya-Nya Liberation Army 1965
4.6 The Story of his Defection
4.7 The Journey to Uganda
4.8 The Shocking News about Juba
4.9 His Secret Mission to Evacuate his Family from Juba
4.10 Detained in Uganda 1972
4.11 Raid on Rest House in Mpwerere, Kampala
4.12 At Wandageya Police Station
4.13 Makindye Military Police Prison
4.14 Addis Ababa Peace Agreement 1972
Khalicino,s Concluding Remark
His Call for Permanent World Peace

Abdalla Keri Wani

It is very encouraging to have an African writer's work published in USA. It will not be only promotional to his effort but a boost in readership of such work in USA. It is true that little literature from Africa might have been published in USA, mostly from authors who studied there. The offer by Dzanc Books should therefore be a good opportunity for experienced and new African authors to have their works published.

Mohamed Bhonopha

Mr. Wickett:

I want to thank you first for your heroic efforts to bring African Literature to the US. I never thought I could live to see this day.

I'm an aspiring Sierra Leonean author living in Texas. I've got a novel: Sons and Heroes. Having written and rewritten it to the best of my ability, I'm in the last stages of completion.

I'd be more than happy to send you a chapter of it or so to look at. I'm a trained Journalist from California State University Fullerton. I write very well, or so people familiar with my efforts, tell me.

I'd love to hear from you. Together, let's introduce America to African literature.

Keep up the good work and don't fail!

Mohamed Bhonopha
[email protected]

Mugarra Adyeeri

I've just read about you! Have you published any books from Africa since 2007? I'd love to read some because I am also a writer from Africa.

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