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June 21, 2007


Obioha Oti

This is a very welcome development. I have written two good novels since 1999 and it has not been easy for me to find any good publisher who is willing to publish them in my country Nigeria. I do not want to self publish or patronize any vanity publisher either. Coming across your website and reading about your willingness to publish books from writers of African origin is to me like a ray of light in a very dark tunnel. Now I can see the publication of my works in sight. Thanks so much in anticipation.

Egga Dennis

Is this offer still available 2010 and beyond?

Patrick Kandawasvika

Dear Publisher, l am a Zimbabwean writer with a story l think you may be interested to consider. May l submit it to you. Thank you. Patrick Kandawasvika


I have just seen your website and I hope that your purpose to publish African fiction is still a priority. I have written a fictional story set in southern Nigeria which I hope you would publish. Please let me know if I can send the manuscript and also what consist of your terms for publication.

Ukpong Ito.

Sipho Mpofu

I feel encouraged to realize that there are publishers out there who are willing to give us African writers an opportunity. Please advise on how we can submit manuscripts or a synopsis for consideration. And what are your terms?

רוזנבלט ושות'

I know there are blooming composing areas in South africa, Nigeria, and elsewhere and that experts in these areas are creating excellent materials, but not seeing it discover a house in the South United states creating community.

Francisco Moises

Hi Dan Wickett,

It is great to know of your existence. I am finishing a great novel, a classic of its kind, set in colonial Mozambique, my home country. I will submit it to you through your e-mail as soon as I finish revising. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Francisco Moises

Hi Dan Wickett,

A few things missing in the links with Dzanc Books. I can't find its address, phone number(s),fax number and for sure I can even say whether it is in the United or in Canada. This information is crucial for people to know that Dzanc Books is for real and not just one of the many scams that are posted in the internet.

קורס קעקועים

Great fiction books. I like it, I never read such types of books before. Great job done by you.


Are you still interested in African stories? What if the African writer is based in Europe? What are the procedure and terms of your publication? How long would it take to hear back from you after sending you say a 80,000 word long manuscript of fiction? Do you consider self published works as well?

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