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June 24, 2010



Sam Martino


Glad to see Normal Lock get a mention. And thanks to Kristygblea for shouting out for Latinos. Those are good names to check out (see her comment above).

Gary Ponzo

I like the list. Anytime writers go under the radar due to the self-promoting publicity mechanism in NYC, it's worth noticing.


wow--BIG surprise here that yet another list barely has any people of color in it.... AND that at least 2 of these authors "to watch" are from your OWN Dzanc press: Laura Vandenberg and Kyle Minor. I'm simply embarrassed for you guys.


seeing as how it wasn't dzanc who did the picking -- it was a panel of 100 independent bookstore owners, agents, publishers, editors, and bloggers -- i don't know how your comment is relevant, dylan.


not to out anyone here, but there are at least three gay writers on the list. and there is socioeconomic diversity -- some of these writers are pretty poor and come from poor backgrounds. there is geographic diversity -- all parts of the country represented except alaska and hawaii. though the last names may not reflect it, four of the writers that i know of are of mixed ethnicity. so don't knee-jerk in this way.

p.s. -- dzanc does push the hell out of robert lopez, a latino writer. but the truth is that most of the better latino writers do not publish with independent presses. they publish with new york presses and university houses, which are outside the scope of this survey. i suspect independent houses would welcome more diversity, but they are not getting the submissions since there are better-paying infrastructures in place for writers of color, and the better writers of color are taking advantage of them, and wisely so.

Anita Lefkort

Thanks for the list - any chance of getting a list of the best mystery writers? Just finished Depth by Henning Mansell.

John Domini

It's been a month, or almost, & I'm just now recovered enough to offer decent thanks to Wickett, Gillis, & all of Dzanc for making room for me in the excellent post. Everyone, keep up the great work.


You might as well have called this list "The Best Friends Club."

Oh, and to the person who wants to know why Latinos, as the fastest growing demographic, are not included: get a clue. You even have a picture posted on your profile! I'm embarrassed for you. Do you really want people knowing that you care more about making everyone feel good and supporting writers who fit a certain demographic rather than, you know, supporting people who actually write well? There are a number of talented Latino writers, many of whom could supplant certain writers on this list, obviously...but your logic misses the mark in the most tragic way. If you want to make this stand, go into politics. Let writing be about writing.

חדר מלח

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