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  • "Dan Wickett is serious about a good read. But the EWN email list doesn't just deliver his sure-footed reviews; it also brings you news and connections to other writers. Sign up now - he understands what readers want to know about books." Quinn Dalton, author, Bulletproof Girl
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    "Mr. Wickett is that rarely heard from but best of all possible reviewers - the dedicated and knowledgeable fan. He writes clean-cutting and fresh reviews that represent a sensibility unspoiled by over-exposure to the biz of books, but deeply in love with them." Daniel Woodrell, author, Winter's Bone
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    "Dan Wickett is a reader's best friend. Not only does he read and trenchantly review new work, but he looks back to books that deserve ongoing readership. I've lost track of the number of times he's led me to boks that I overlooked (or never knew about), and that were a delight. There aren't many reviewers I will let shape my library, but Dan Wickett is one." Erin McGraw, author, The Baby Tree

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    July 29, 2006



    "a great deal more laughter than those to be found in those being led into by Bat Segundo"

    All deference to Pinky, Ouch. Ah well. Bat Segundo doesn't care either way. But I still contend that the Dave Barry and Jennifer Weiner interviews are a riot. :)


    And I should also note that Rick Kleffel is also doing great work:

    Dan Wickett


    I must admit I've listened to neither, but do appreciate the nod towards Rick as it appears to be one more nice source of listening pleasure!



    Thanks Dan! Ed's right -- the Dave Barry and Jennifer Weiner podcasts are very funny. It's all about the author being interviewed, not the interviewer, I think.


    I've been catching up on back Bat Segundo shows this summer with great pleasure. Thanks for encouraging me to get over to Pinky's Paperhous, too.

    It's not the laughter quotient that affects me the most but the cool combo of really having done the homework and really being interested in the answers: that always makes for a good interview.

    Dan Wickett

    I agree Anne. While I try to be as prepared as possible and find a way to be able to ask one oddball question each time I do an interview - the fact that I do them by email and not in person, or via phone, makes them much easier to be prepared.

    What Ed and Carolyn do is much more impressive to my mind. I've had to do one with an author where it was via phone because of a wrist injury prohibiting the author from typing out replies and while it's one of what I believe is my better interviews, the feeling of constant pressure to get a question ready, while listening to his replies and see if they led to different questions, was one I wasn't prepared for.

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