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    "Mr. Wickett is that rarely heard from but best of all possible reviewers - the dedicated and knowledgeable fan. He writes clean-cutting and fresh reviews that represent a sensibility unspoiled by over-exposure to the biz of books, but deeply in love with them." Daniel Woodrell, author, Winter's Bone
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    "Dan Wickett is a reader's best friend. Not only does he read and trenchantly review new work, but he looks back to books that deserve ongoing readership. I've lost track of the number of times he's led me to boks that I overlooked (or never knew about), and that were a delight. There aren't many reviewers I will let shape my library, but Dan Wickett is one." Erin McGraw, author, The Baby Tree

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    July 30, 2006


    Myfanwy Collins


    Have you tried bitter apple? Ask your vet about it. A few drops of it on your books might help.

    Dan Wickett

    Thanks Myfanwy, I've never heard of it before, but will certainly ask the vet!


    Have you tried reading to him? Maybe it's just his way of asking for a more literary diet.

    Dan Wickett


    Only the riot act!


    Ha! Miss Emma is also a chewer, though not of books so far. Her favorite forbidden fruit are pill bottles -- she doesn't eat the pills (yet), but leaves them strewn all over the floor and us panicky. I almost had a heart attack the first time she did it (melatonin); now we just stash everything up high.

    Hemingway, on the other hand, is very fond of pulling books off the shelves with his mitten paws.


    Our collie mix had the same habit for the first months he was with us, and he arrived as an adult dogs. Books were a favorite, but he especially loved chewing the frames of my glasses until the lenses popped out. Once he became fully settled in the house, though, the chewing stopped and hasn't returned.


    Oh no. I didn't know you got a new dog. We have newish kittens (5 months old) to keep Cleo company; she's only now starting to see the value in that.

    Good luck with the suggestions.

    Alicia Conroy

    Another vote for bitter apple. Put it on a "test" book or two, and leave them out to be chewed. It works as a learned-aversion remedy--the pet associates the object (books) with bad taste instead of the maybe good taste of your hand's scent or binding glue or something ...

    Alicia C

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