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  • "Dan Wickett is serious about a good read. But the EWN email list doesn't just deliver his sure-footed reviews; it also brings you news and connections to other writers. Sign up now - he understands what readers want to know about books." Quinn Dalton, author, Bulletproof Girl
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    "Mr. Wickett is that rarely heard from but best of all possible reviewers - the dedicated and knowledgeable fan. He writes clean-cutting and fresh reviews that represent a sensibility unspoiled by over-exposure to the biz of books, but deeply in love with them." Daniel Woodrell, author, Winter's Bone
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    "Dan Wickett is a reader's best friend. Not only does he read and trenchantly review new work, but he looks back to books that deserve ongoing readership. I've lost track of the number of times he's led me to boks that I overlooked (or never knew about), and that were a delight. There aren't many reviewers I will let shape my library, but Dan Wickett is one." Erin McGraw, author, The Baby Tree

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    April 15, 2007


    Chelsea Hansen

    I was thinking this "Emerging Writers Network" would be for people of all ages. I guess I was wrong. I read the rules - and no offense, but I find it really annoying that we have to have 3 books published by December in order to be eligible to win. I am a teenager with a love of writing fiction - shouldn't I be given a little leeway on this? I don't plan on having books published until I'm in my twenties at least. Do you have a different contest, one for teens? That's the sort of thing I was expecting. Sorry I got the wrong impression. I just assumed "Emerging" meant "aspiring" or whatever - someone who wants to write when they get older. Sorry. My mistake.

    Dan Wickett

    Chelsea - 3 books or LESS. Zero books would be LESS, meaning you would be eligible.

    Chelsea Hansen

    I'm so sorry! Totally got the wrong impression there. Thanks for the correction!!

    M.C. Miracle

    Do we need to give you a checking account number and routing number for our prize when we submit, or do you not do direct deposit? I am hoping that this info is not published with all our stories.

    2007 EWN Short Fiction Submitter

    Any update on when you might announce the 2007 finalists?

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