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    May 10, 2007


    n.l. belardes

    This is a great interview with Brad. How can I top this?

    River City Publishing recently sent me Brad's book. I just happened to start it this week. Just today Brad left a note on my myspace to check this interview out. As I wrote on Paperback Writer, his book is "hotter than the bloody glove". I can't wait to really dig into it.

    The question remains for every reader: Does Brad Vice say enough in his intro to dispel any idea that his book was plagiarized? I'll be sure to give my full opinion when I'm done...

    Ms. Strega

    I am very glad The Bear Bryant Funeral Train was able to be reissued, and I am extremely sorry that Mr. Vice, a fine writer and a well-spoken individual (as evidenced by his interview here) was the recipient of unnecessary and extreme reactive measures that belong more with cheesy wrestling shows on TV than in the literary world.

    Mr. Vice, I have had a lot of trouble with the writer who wrote the New York Press article about you, as I used to know him personally and he has taken an extreme dislike to me, to say the least. I won't be at all surprised if I get an article of my very own from him when my book comes out. He is already trying to discredit me as a writer on Wikipedia by denigrating me and the subject I am writing about with personal attacks, so I am prepared for whatever he decides to say about me. Please do not take what he says about you personally. By the way, impersonating you via Yahoo accounts or otherwise is actually a crime and should be reported to law enforcement if you haven't already.

    Vice is a great writer and I hope he will continue to write and have a great literary career. I believe he made an honest error that he has now done his level best to correct. I look forward to having The Bear Bryant Funeral Train on my shelf and hope that Mr. Vice has a long and fruitful teaching and writing career.


    Here's another instance of semi-plagiarism in Vice's book, which I haven't seen mentioned--
    Barry Hannah has a little known story called 'I Am Shaking to Death' in his out-of-print collection 'Captain Maximus.' The story ends with this one line paragraph:
    "I really wish she'd read this and write me a letter."
    Brad Vice's story "What Happens in the Burg, Stays in the Burg" ends with this one line paragraph:
    "Still, I wish she'd read this and give me a call."
    Hannah may have blurbed Vice's book, but Hannah is famous for blurbing anyone's book, admittedly without reading it.
    'Postmodern regionalism' or not, plagiarism issue aside, Vice's work is at best extremely derivative; the cannibalizing of better work by real writers, thinly disguised by someone who's made a career of attending conferences and sucking up to anyone he thought could help him with his 'career.'

    mason dixon

    WTF does "semi-plagiarism" mean? Is that like being "a little pregnant?" That just seems like a similar line, not plagiarism. I think you could lice-comb most writer's works and find similar lines to other writers in them.

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