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  • "Dan Wickett is serious about a good read. But the EWN email list doesn't just deliver his sure-footed reviews; it also brings you news and connections to other writers. Sign up now - he understands what readers want to know about books." Quinn Dalton, author, Bulletproof Girl
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    "Mr. Wickett is that rarely heard from but best of all possible reviewers - the dedicated and knowledgeable fan. He writes clean-cutting and fresh reviews that represent a sensibility unspoiled by over-exposure to the biz of books, but deeply in love with them." Daniel Woodrell, author, Winter's Bone
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    "Dan Wickett is a reader's best friend. Not only does he read and trenchantly review new work, but he looks back to books that deserve ongoing readership. I've lost track of the number of times he's led me to boks that I overlooked (or never knew about), and that were a delight. There aren't many reviewers I will let shape my library, but Dan Wickett is one." Erin McGraw, author, The Baby Tree

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    November 30, 2007


    sheri doyle

    i am a new member so i look forward to getting this in my email box! thanks.

    Katrina Denza

    Many thanks to Dan and all these generous authors! I'm going to enjoy my holiday reading.

    Cheryl Snell

    Just got it! Thanks so much, Dan.

    Jessica Handler

    This gift is wonderful reading, Dan - thanks for everything you do.

    Diana Joseph

    I look forward to this every year! Thanks, Dan!

    Alicia Gifford

    I was knocked out by Roy Kesey's "Flies". Look forward to reading more, and THANK YOU!


    Virginia Pye

    Dear Dan and EWN:
    Great Holiday Gift email. I was working on my novel when it arrived. Looking for something/anything to give me a boost, I let myself wander over just for a glance, but got caught up in a good way. Terrific short fiction pieces, poems, all of it. Mostly I like that you're doing this (we're doing this?) -- egging each other on. After such a happy distraction, I return to my own work renewed, thinking, "Hey, I can do this." That's a gift. Thanks.
    Virginia Pye

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