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    June 25, 2009


    Kythe Heller

    hello, please put me on your list of info/events. thanks.

    Rachel Galvin

    I have just written a new 184-page book called "Basics of the Biz: A Holistic Approach to Becoming an Actor," available on It covers my experiences in LA as an actor, as well as basic info. on how to get an agent, how to market yourself, what type of class to take, how to network, etc.

    Dosunmu Olawale Khafeel

    I have just published a blog where I post some short stories. I would like to receive comments on the afore mentioned posts.

    C. Robert Cales

    What in God's name does a writer have to do to get discovered?

    Oh, I've made mistakes. The worst of them was letting my first novel slip into the clutches of a POD publisher. It doesn't matter that the work has runaway best seller potential, or that it's compared to the best of Stephen King. The only thing that appears to matters is the indelible stain of POD. Now my second novel is almost complete, I refuse to let Publish America publish it and I believe the "agent" I have couldn't sell solar powered ice machines in Brazil.

    I guess all that brings me back to my original question.

    Dan Wickett

    C. Robert. I suppose if I were a writer I'd start by sending inquiries to agents that handle writers like Stephen King (if that's what the new novel might be compared to as well). I'd send inquiries to publishers that handle books by Stephen King or writers like him.

    I probably wouldn't mention that the first book was a PA (or similar POD publisher) book. I'd probably just not mention it. But that's me. I truly have no idea how any publishers might read that in a cover letter. You'd like to think that they'd still be looking at the actual inquiry and not just the cover letter information.

    Tina Marie clark

    Hi I'm From New Orleans La. I'm A Katrina Survivor, Songwriter, Poet, Mother Wife and Friend, my first song/video I wrote after Katrina, is a tribute to President Elect Barack Obama titled "Mr. Obama" also I wrote a song titled "No Brother's Blood" Sung By The Late Bob Marley's Late Mother Mr. Cedella Marley who passed away nine months ago,What An Honor!!! you can hear it and see my video at, I write songs that I hope make this a better world, I have a tribute to Darfur also on my space page titled "Restore Hope" A tribute to Children In Africa With AIDS titled "They're Apart Of The Human Race" I'm So Glade To Have Found This Site!

    patricia harman

    Hello, everyone. No posts since Oct. 29? Really? I'm Patricia Harman and the author of The Blue Cotton Gown: A Midwife's Memoir published by Beacon Press, Boston last year and just out in paper back. It's narrative non-fiction that reads like a novel about the courage of ordinary women. It's dong pretty well, got reviewed by People Magazine when it first came out and nominated for a few awards.

    This whole author business is new to me. I knew I would have to promote my book, but had no idea it would be mostly me. I laugh when friends say the book tour must be fun. Talking to people about the book, women's health or midwifery is fun, but driving all over, along, getting lost and running out of gas is not fun. The first time I came back from a week in NC, SC and GA, I was so stressed out I cried whenever someone looked at me.

    So anyway, writers, readers, established and emerging, keep the faith, work hard and believe in what you are doing. Please put me on your mailing list. Peace. PH

    patricia harman

    Hey. That got posted before I read it!!! Eeeeek. Great writing, Patricia, spelling and all...!

    Joan Ashley

    Read your post, C. Robert Cales. I just committed to POD after attending a seminar at The Miami Bookfair which was a very depressing experience to say the least. The bottom line is even if you go the traditional publishing route, the onus is on the writer to market themselves. Yes, the top tier writers do get a certain amount of marketing support, but they still have to pound the pavements to get their books sold. What I learned (from the seminar, published writers and publishers) is you have to tackle your marketing from all ends - book reviews if you can get them, social media, readings at book stores. It's hard work. As one writer told me, writing the book is the easy part.

    Annie Eagle

    Hi. I'm emerging in Vietnam & also in the US. One of my stories to appear in a collection "the Ultimate Bird Lover". Getting mostly positive feedback but have had trouble with one particular magazine's 'editorial advisor'...

    Susan Gratton

    Wow, your original post was written on my birthday! June 25th. What an important date. I, too, have recently committed to POD, and I hope I'm not making a mistake by choosing PublishAmerica. They are supposed to be publishing my book this year. The name of my novel is Copper's Bluff, and its the first in my Quade Randal series (I hope). I already have four other somewhat small and insignificant books on, 3 through createspace and one through lulu. I'm unemployed and can't afford to market/promote my own book right now, so there's not much I can do. I can only hope my PA book does moderately well.

    Heather McGuire

    By day, I am wife to my golf-obsessed husband with "teensy" hair and mother to a rule-following, creative oldest daughter and a quirky, hilarious youngest daughter who refers to herself as Fashion Girl. By night, and every other nugget of free time available, I am a writer and a blogger... and trying to get published.
    You can read about my Adventures in Motherhood at


    Hi all - I'm writing - almost finished - a novel called Blackwatertown.
    It's set in 1950's Ireland, along the border, during a little known insurgency that set the stage for the more internationally notorious "Troubles" in Northern Ireland. The hero is a conflicted policeman who accidentally sparks off the war.
    I blog about the progress of the book (and other things) at
    The opening lines are posted at
    I'm looking forward to joining the Emerging Writers Network.


    hi, i have just created a blog. i am yet to add my writings in that. I have joined here to view the new talents.

    Michele Hilts

    I also made the mistake of going with a POD company. They have left the marketing up to me to do. I know nothing about marketing and have 0 funds to market a book. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do next. Anyone out there have any ideas?

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