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    "Mr. Wickett is that rarely heard from but best of all possible reviewers - the dedicated and knowledgeable fan. He writes clean-cutting and fresh reviews that represent a sensibility unspoiled by over-exposure to the biz of books, but deeply in love with them." Daniel Woodrell, author, Winter's Bone
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    "Dan Wickett is a reader's best friend. Not only does he read and trenchantly review new work, but he looks back to books that deserve ongoing readership. I've lost track of the number of times he's led me to boks that I overlooked (or never knew about), and that were a delight. There aren't many reviewers I will let shape my library, but Dan Wickett is one." Erin McGraw, author, The Baby Tree

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    June 25, 2009


    Daniel Saunders

    Hi! I have recently begun a creative writing/short story blog. Please add me and maybe take a look and tell me what you think! Thanks!


    Hi everyone,

    I am first time visitor to this site I feel great. I had been writing for long time now feel like getting it published. This portal inspires me.


    Richard Mizbrook

    Ring of Tabor available exclusively to Kindle. A six part series that redefines epic.

    Tygar McCutcheon

    This is a great idea! I hope to find myself on the list soon. I am a writer that is just now spreading my wings and I know that any and all support for all of us is a great thing. Good luck to everyone.

    Vladimir nicolas

    dear wickettd
    I am a new writer and emerging who want to join EWN, your yahoo addres do not works. what do i do?


    L. Paulson

    Hey, sign me up. I've recently started a blog for me to record my journey to being published. I'm only in the brainstorming and planning stage currently, but i hope to move on to writing and editing soon.


    I am a teacher, wife, and mom. I am writing short stories, creative non-fiction and a novel. I love this site and this is my first of many visits. I hope to be published soon. Here is a link to my site

    Vincent Edward Manda

    Hi, I have just had a brief look through your website and think it promises good further reading. My friends and I are at Roehampton University and we have just started a writers' blog of our own. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to post a link of our blog on your page. If you are interested in looking through our blog, giving us pointers and linking us with your website feel free to contact me on the email below:

    I would be happy to give you the link and look forward to you views.

    Tyler D. Findlay

    Hey, I have written a small collection of short fiction entitled "Soft Rot" which is now available on Amazon. I would like to be added to your list of emerging writers. Thank you.

    Joseph Chinnock

    Check out our literary website Included are several writing columns we will offer on a regular basis with several Iowa workshop graduates weighing in as well as guest writers.
    1) Flash Craft Reviews: We will look at a single paragraph from a novel, sometimes well-known and sometimes obscure, and explore how that single paragraph tells us almost everything we need to know about the story, the characters, the narrative arc, the setting and even the writer. Our first Flash Craft Blog explored the opening to The Virgin Suicides and how it breaks the rule by beginning at the ending and yet creates mystery, intrigue and that most important aspect of fiction – tension.
    2) Obscure Fiction that Works. Popularity and retail sales have almost nothing to do with why fiction, memoir and short stories work or not. As a writer I’ve been influenced by the classics, but also strange, limited, dated and even off-putting works. Our first review will be of Wurlitzer’s NOG.

    3) Great Writers and Books. What makes them great from a craft perspective. How does Cormac McCarthy describes the end of the world in a single sentence in The Road? The clocks stopped at 1:17. A long shear of light and then a series of low concussions.
    These masters are able to break the rules get away with it, oftentimes turning conventional craft wisdom around and still making it work. How do they do it? We will consider writers such as McCarthy, Roth, Bellows, Atwood, Hempel, Mailer and many more.

    4) Lousy Books. The title says it all. We will look at books that disappoint, pander and take the reader for an idiot. Our first review will be Eat, Pray, Love.

    5) Writing Hard to Write Scenes. Sex, violence, altered states, criminal, memory, mental illness, trauma, delusion, from the perspective of a child, the dead, undead and apocalyptic scenes. How do you convey information with a very unreliable narrator? How do you show they’re perspective is skewed without hitting the reader over the head. Our first review will be of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    6) The Intimate Relationship Between Film and Prose. It’s well known that books provide fodder for films, but films often provide material for books as well, shaping the way writers write scenes, handle openings and endings and even edit dialogue. For our first review we will look at a book that I feel , and the author, was actually improved in the film version: Fight Club.

    Decker Peters

    This site is a very interesting and timely find. I am just returning to my short fiction by featuring one story a month on my site as I pull together my first print collection. I am hoping to use the process as a structure for producing the collection, so it was great to encounter this site.


    put me on ur list to subscribe,im a reader at


    add me to list at,im a reader


    add me to list at, im a reader

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