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    June 25, 2009


    Anthony R Howard

    Hello Authors and readers! My novel "The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox" has just been published. It's a spy thriller written by a Dept of Defense Insider that reveals a secret that will bring America to it's knees. It's been getting great reviews so far, but I'm always looking for advice and tips on how to connect my book with my core audience, and even get book reviews from book lovers and fellow authors. Always looking to connect with fellow authors and network as well. If you'd like, you can check the book out @ . The book is available on my website, Barnes and Nobles, and Amazon, etc, On the blogs the book is being compared to "24" the TV series. That's cool as I thought it was a great show. Any comments, feedback or reviews are appreciated!

    Gary Val Tenuta

    Hi fellow writers!

    My debut novel, The Ezekiel Code, is doing very well, I'm thrilled to say.

    But the real reason I stopped by was to let everyone know that I'm also a book cover designer. I know so many of us writers often find it hard to shell out the big bucks for professional quality, custom book cover design. That's why I provide the same (or better!) quality work at "starving writer" prices. Check out some of my work at and shoot me an email when you're ready to get an attention-grabbing cover for your next book.

    Thanks! Now go write something!

    Michael Chivulescu

    Hi there!

    Just signed up with EWN -
    Bellow is the link for Misanthropy's Ever-Expanding Wings, a "Los Angeles in the nineties/ irrational exuberance years," a dark, treasure hunt caper from which I just put on the web about 40% of the 850 pages.

    In case you like Brazil, 1984, A Simple Plan, The Brave New World, absurdist theater, flying saucers, false foreplay promises, S&M + Grotowsky, greed, spirituality gone awry, Russian mobsters, rotten political fundrising, New Normalcy, constantly flunked attempts at copulation, conspiracies, mysticism and "meaning of life explained" - you are in business -
    Have fun -

    Michael -

    Joyce Erland

    Your website intrigues me. Please add me to your email list. I am writing a novel.

    J P Catton

    Hello, my name is John Paul Catton and I'm a British writer living in Japan. I've had many short stories published in the genres of dark fantasy, SF and horror, and I have three novels seeking representation. Japanese religion and mythology is a major influence on my work.

    J P Catton

    Hi, I would like to add my blog to your network. I am a British writer based in Japan and my blog is up at
    I write mostly, but not exclusively, on Japan-related themes, and I have two novels looking for representation. I look forward to chatting with the people here!

    D.E. Sievers

    Hello, hello, and hello,

    Please add me to the mailing list! My novel, "The Trees in Winter," is available on Amazon and, and at various other online venues. If you check out my Amazon author profile, and are interested, you can get to my blog from there. But I'm a sporadic blogger; I'd rather be writing novels. Interesting website you got here. Oh yeah, my name is D.E. Sievers. Ciao!

    Tom Drinkard


    Add me to your list.



    I agree with Linda White - Community is key. Follow other writers, editors, publishers on Twitter, like them on Facebook and link to them on LinkedIn. There are so many ways to get connected! I write at my blog for fun and have gotten writing jobs from it - start a blog.

    Dirty Work

    Hello, I am a member of the Dirty Work Magazine collective. DW, is a new literary magazine, which will have an online as well as a print component. We are currently accepting submissions for the first issue. We would appreciate any assistance you can provide us with, in order to attract more attention to our magazine. We have tremendous hopes for what we can achieve with it.

    Check out the website at

    and submit at

    Adam Hayton

    I am new to writing so it is very interesting reading all your comments on this site. At the moment my writing is only for fun and enjoyment but who knows where it may lead.
    I am still writing the first chapter of my book which is about a successful business man who suddenly leaves his life behind and embarks on a journey of self discovery.
    The reason that I am still on the first chapter is that my main passion is poetry, even though I have only been writing for about three months!
    Please feel free to visit my blog where I have posted some of my poetry at

    N K Sondhi

    Hi Nice portal. I visited for first time. I am also a writer. I frequently write online at my blog. Will like to be part of this comunity

    NK Sondhi


    Hey, I am a 22 year old writer from Atlanta.
    I post short stories on my blog, A Violent Scenery.

    I'm looking for other writers or journals that would like to trade links, or feature my work.

    Christina Saballos

    Hello! My name is Christina Saballos- currently in the San Diego area. In a nutshell - I'm 6 months pregnant, laid off from my job, and working on building a platform for my writing. I've started 2 new blogs and am hustling to get an agent or someone to notice one of my completed screenplays.

    Delon Shah

    Hi I would like to join EWN.

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