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    June 08, 2009


    Molly Gaudry

    This is a great post. And hooray for your daughter!


    You're right, this is exactly how it works. As a bookseller, I hate scorn of reading--and by definition, scorn of readers--in all it's stripes. I just had a customer the other day confess, half grudgingly how much he was addicted to those Twilight books, and I admired him more than I can say.

    Katrina Denza

    What a great story, Dan.

    Erin O'Brien

    I lead discussions on the Twilight series and I must say, I've heard your story replay again and again and again--under my own roof as well with my 12-year-old.

    No it's not Great Literature, but it's a great springboard into better literature. When I talk to kids about it, they really light up and what's not to love about that?

    Nice post, got hear from an Ed Champion twitter link.

    Erin O'Brien

    oops. "here" not "hear"

    Gauthaman Ravindran

    Harry Potter and Twilight were social phenomena. Children read these books as quickly as they could so that they could get down to the serious business of talking about them with their friends. In other words, children understood the reason for reading, something that escaped many self-styled connaisseurs of "real" literature. Not every child who reads Twilight becomes a super-reader like your daughter. I suspect most of them don't. However, they've learned that a 500 page book is not a frightening thing; there might be something that they can share with those around them.


    Hi, im 16 and i only read 2 books in my life, thats a million little pieces, and johny angel, i didnt like reading, then i fell in love with the twilight movie, and decided only to read the first book because i knew i wont finish the rest, but as it turns out i lived my self into that book, then read new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn, i read all four books in 7 days. now i cant stop reading, but i cant find another book i cant put down, if any of you can help me with that please do, im a romantic, and like the darkness of the twilight saga, im a fan of supernatural things as well, so please any segestions are welcome.

    Dan Wickett


    From my poor recall, there's nothing supernatural within Austen's Pride and Prejudice, but my daughter couldn't put it down, much the way she previously couldn't put down any of the Twilight titles.


    Vanessa - I think you'll like Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials." It's a trilogy and one of my favorites. Beautiful language, great characters including witches, talking armored polar bears, and multiple worlds that characters can move through. Here is the link:

    Once you get into it, you won't put it down.

    Lauren Baratz-Logsted


    In addition to the other great recs you've received, try Alyson Noel's EVERMORE - the sequel should be out soon - and Lisa McMann's WAKE and FADE.

    Great post, Dan...not least because you mentioned me!

    Dan Wickett

    My daughter, the star of the above post, also suggests the Blue Blood series by Melissa de la Cruz. She seconds LBL's suggestion of Evermore and cannot wait for Blue Moon to come out this fall. And more Jane Austen!

    Jen Robinson

    This is a great article, Dan (I got here from a mention at Chasing Ray). I'm a big proponent of "let them read what they love, and other reading will (at least in some cases) follow." It's one of the reasons I'm such a fan of the Harry Potter books. It's nice to hear a real-world example like your daughter's story.

    For Vanessa, another book that, while not supernatural, is of the "can't put it down" variety is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (sequel due out in September). You might also like the Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare (love story with vampires, werewolves, etc.). Also the Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (zombies, VERY suspenseful).

    Thanks again for the post, Dan.

    Amblina Rosca

    Hey Venessa, my sister was in a similar position as you not long ago, also I work in a book dept and I read quite a few of the YA fiction titles because thats what I get asked about the most (especially be those exhibiting signs of post meyer depression :P ).

    I'd definitely encourage you to read the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy thats got philosophy, romance and a darker edge to it.

    If you're looking for a more supernatural rather than fantasy edge maybe you should try as Jen Robinson says, the 'Mortal Instruments' trilogy thats rather close to twilight in the modern romance/supernatural catagory.

    I'd also recommend 'Mortal Engines' by Philip Reeve. Like the Harry Potter series the first book is written for a younger audience getting older through each sequal, my 20 year old boyfriend and my sister just finished the series and it really is epic. Its got romance, action and a very fast paced dialogue similar to Twilight. Its more steam punk than fantasy/supernatural but its a book spanning genres and definitely a book I whole heartedly recommend (on the verge of being a fangirl so will stop).

    I definitely agree with the author on the subject of Twilight. Although I wasn't a fan of the last in the series they were enjoyable enough. As far as I'm concerned its more of a real book than some of the books I have to sell like Hannah Montana, its got over 300 pages for starters! Anything that get people reading is a ok by me ^^

    Lauren Baratz-Logsted

    Dan, I hope this is OK - feel free to delete my post! - but here's an essay I did on "Is Stephenie Meyer Bad for Girls?" over at Red Room back in December:


    TWILIGHT's not just for girls - my 10 year old son is reading it and gives me the blow-by-blow every 10 pages or so. All the kids in his elementary school are reading the series and my son's entering a summer reading contest to win a B and N gift certificate so he start in on the 2nd and 3rd Meyers books.

    Super post. Long live reading. Even the back of cereal boxes... Peace, Linda

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