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    December 24, 2009


    Maureen Hume

    Congratulations on your persistance and unwavering belief in your book.
    For me it's such a spiritual time of year and to hear a fantastic happy ending makes me smile...a lot!

    christopher earl.

    I love thinking about how those 40'ish editors are probably kicking themselves for not taking your MS when they had the chance, but at the same time, it seems like had it not been for your work with Adam, it wouldn't have been nearly the success it turned out to be. I've unfortunately not read it yet, and am being patient for the reprint. I've heard really great things about it. Congrats on it, Shane.

    Dan Wickett

    I'd actually like to think that those other editors are thrilled for Shane and Adam and that the right thing happened - an editor that truly connected with the manuscript, even in a first draft'ish form, began a series of discussions with the author that led to a great book being published. Something that they're both really proud of.

    That it also led to the bonus of a movie project and a reprint by a bigger houses is great news for both - but not really what you're thinking of when you, as an editor/publisher, begin that process of conversation with a prospective author.

    And ideally, those 40'ish editors are just as thrilled with the choices they made to publish - those manuscripts that grabbed them the way Shane's grabbed Adam. That maybe have sold 20 copies or maybe have become award winning, raved about books, but in either case are books that the editors and authors are proud to have worked on together.

    I say all of that as one of the 40'ish. One that is very excited for both Shane and Adam and their successes on this collaboration.

    christopher earl.

    Good words, Dan. And, you're right. I think I let my assumed/misplaced schadenfreude get the best of me there.

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