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    January 26, 2010



    I read this when it went live, and it reminded me of Evenson--maybe mostly because of the characters' names. Glad to see it get some coverage here.


    Hi Molly! You're right on, and I totally admitted the Evenson influence on the names in my Author's Profile at the Willow Springs site--I don't think he uses the kind of names he does for the same reasons I did in this story, but it's definitely where I got the idea.



    Shine on, Matt. You're a star.

    Sam Ligon

    This is really nice, Matt, and I appreciate it. But you made my job very easy by sending such strong work and then engaging in such passionate discussion about it. Then you finished the story -- took it to another level through your re-imagining. I'm happy if our discussion helped facilitate that process a little, and it was exciting to participate in the discussion. It was even more exciting to get the next draft and discover the ways you'd solved the little problems. I loved that story the first time I read it, and its gotten even better for me on subsequent reads. That is strong work.

    Dan Wickett

    By the way, folks, Sam Ligon is also a pretty kick-ass writer as well as editor. Check out his Drift and Swerve when you get a chance, and Safe in Heaven Dead too!


    It's well-written with echoes of Buzzati but the first person present tense narrative ending abruptly cannot help but make us ask, how do we naturalize this piece? I find that to be a significant failing. That an the lucidity of a narrator who has supposedly gone "dim" -- again, how do we naturalize? A lot of withheld information rolls out in the scene with the captain. Perhaps a bit convenient to fill all the missing exposition and back story.

    JR Hochman

    Wow, there are some very nice people out there in publishing. You got a real gem.

    For all those looking for a YA contest, click on the link below.

    Kidlit Contest

    Also check out the website:



    Yeah, it's great to hear about tuned-in editor-writer relationships. Very encouraging.

    Kat Magendie

    Here to look around - in case you didn't see/hear - found you by the list here, through Mike's Writing WOrkshop:

    self publishing


    Keep going, Matt. You're a star.

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